Course curriculum

    1. Message from Frederique

    1. 1. Wardrobe organisation

    2. 2. Organisation

    1. 3. What is a timeless capsule

    2. 4. Create a timeless capsule

    1. 5. Essentials

    2. 6. Finale capsule

    1. Message from Frederique - Inspiration

    2. 7. Fashion inspiration

    3. 8. Mood Board

    1. Glam event

    2. Date night

    3. Handbag essential

  • 14 lessons

What Students Say

  • "I love the simplicity yet complexity of the decision making process to choose a timeless capsule wardrobe. I have always struggled with making these hard decisions, but this course makes me want to streamline my wardrobe and enjoy my decisions."

    Jacqueline S.

  • "I enjoyed so much this module. I learned so much about how to create a capsule wardrobe. Thank you!"

    Elizabeth B.

  • "This course simply goes to the basics of the elements of style. I like that the tips have pdf pages and also the tip suggestions are consistent throughout the course."

    Sandy W.