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    1. Message from Frederique

    1. 1. Personal style

    1. 2. Looks

    1. 3. Define your fashion style

    1. 4. Signature perfume

    1. 5. Be unique

  • 12 lessons

What Students Say

  • "Love this course! I learned so much about how-to style clothes/accessories for an hourglass shape. I am also petite (5 ft 1 in) and learning a lot about proportion for a petite figure. I will continue to refer back to the course for help and inspiration. Thank you, I feel like a new woman!"

    Gina B.

  • "I’m not going to talk about the course but I will tell you this: every woman should attend it! It is simply the bible of fashion with a French twist!"

    Stephanie S.

  • "What a fabulous course! It’s a personal guide to a world of flair and elegance and has given me the courage to create my own style and know I look good in it. Every woman needs this."

    Karen M.