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    1. Message from Frederique

    1. Let's define your body type

    1. What is an apple body?

    2. Best tops apple

    3. Best jeans apple

    4. Best dresses/accessories apple

    5. Outfit ideas apple

    1. What is a pear body?

    2. Best tops pear

    3. Best jeans pear

    4. Best dresses pear

    5. Outfit ideas pear

    1. What is an inverted triangle?

    2. Best tops triangle

    3. Best jeans/pants triangle

    4. Outfit ideas triangle

    5. Best dresses triangle

    1. What is an hourglass body?

    2. Best jeans/pants hourglass

    3. Best tops hourglass

    4. Best dresses hourglass

    5. Outfit ideas hourglass

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What Students Say

  • "I learned a lot from this body type course. As I've aged my body is not the same as it was even 10 years ago. This will make shopping easier and knowing what to purchase for my current shape. Thank you!"

    Gail M.

  • "The tips on clarifying body shape were so helpful, I have a better understanding of what shapes to look for and how to create balance in my outfits. Thank you!"

    Constance M.

  • "Defining our body types and seeing an array of clothing designs to accentuate our type is astonishing. You have it down to a science, Frédérique."

    Diane G.